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New Patients

In our relaxing and comfortable environment, we want to give you an incredible dental experience that exceeds your expectations. We provide ample time to get to know you and understand what your goals are, making sure that we have a full hour for every new patient visit. Our team looks forward to meeting you!

The Initial Consultation

This visit is focused on understanding what’s brought you in. We’ll listen carefully to your concerns, making sure that we discuss your goals. Once we fully grasp what your oral health requirements are, we’ll talk about the possible solutions that suit your needs. Together, we can decide what treatment will work for you, detailing costs involved and making sure that you feel comfortable proceeding.

We’ll then get you scheduled for future necessary visits.

Dental Phobics Welcome

If you have felt nervous in the past about dental appointments, rest assured that you’re not alone and that we understand your concerns. We’ll do everything we can to gently walk you through each procedure before starting, making sure the softest touch is used. You can listen to music on headphones through the entire treatment. When needed, we can provide twilight sedation or anaesthetic.

Schedule your visit with our friendly team today and get started on improving your oral health!

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