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Aesthetic Bulimba Dental Fillings

As your Bulimba family dentist, we carefully select the best materials available for your restorative needs. Your fillings are just one example. Instead of using traditional, metal restorations, we incorporate composite blends that strengthen your tooth while matching its natural colour. The results are both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

If you think you have a cavity or you’ve been considering having that old silver filling replaced, then a ceramic restoration is one of the best options to consider.

Tooth Coloured Fillings

We use two types of dental fillings in our office, both of which match the colour of the area being treated. The type of filling that we recommend will depend on things like the size and location of your cavity.

Glass Ionomer Fillings

Some of the most common types of tooth-coloured fillings are those made of glass ionomer. Our Bulimba family dentist uses such restorative materials because the microscopic glass beads bond directly with your tooth, rather than having to be packed into a cavity like traditional silver fillings do.

Although glass ionomer comes in several shades and can match your unique tooth, it doesn’t have the same cosmetic characteristics as white fillings. As such, we tend to use them more often in teeth toward the back of the mouth. They’re ideal for treating large areas of decay or cavities next to sensitive gum tissues.

White Fillings

At our Bulimba family dental practice, you can enjoy cosmetic fillings that match your smile and require less tooth preparation, making them better for your teeth (and your appearance).

Composite materials come in various shades, so that you can have the perfect filling that blends right in with your teeth. Plus, white fillings bond closely with your enamel, which makes them capable of placing just about anywhere.

Cosmetic Bonding and White Fillings

Being that composite can adhere to smoother tooth surfaces, it’s ideal for addressing cosmetic concerns like chipped or broken teeth, as well as small gaps. Having the area bonded is simpler and more affordable than other types of extensive aesthetic treatment.

Think You Have a Cavity? Visit Q Dental Bulimba

If you have an old silver filling that needs to be replaced or think a new cavity may be starting to develop, schedule an exam at your earliest convenience. We’ll review our various types of white fillings and porcelain restorations to help you select the best one for your smile.


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